Avery back up to his old tricks

In case you missed it, Sean Avery and Darcy Tucker got into a fight both in pregame and the first period of the Rangers/Leafs game on Saturday, November 10th. Take a look for yourself.

After the game Darcy Tucker called Avery classless and I dismissed it as the rantings of a bitter rival. Then, Howard Berger of The Fan 590 in Toronto reported that he went into both the Leafs and Rangers locker rooms after the game and was told in both that what started the scrap in pregame was Avery making a derogatory comment to Jason Blake about Blake’s cancer. Watch the video again and you’ll notice that Tucker and Avery are simply talking trash until Jason Blake skates by. At that point Avery says something to Blake and Tucker immediately goes after Avery.

Avery was told by Rangers GM Glen Sather to not speak to the media after the game so we haven’t heard anything from him. If you look around on Google you will see articles and message boards discussing these allegations. And let me be clear, that’s all they are at this point – allegations. There is no audio tape of this incident and neither Blake nor Tucker have come out and confirmed the allegations. However, according to TSN NHL Director of Hockey Operations Colin Campbell will be talking with Avery about this incident in the coming days.

If the events of the night unfolded the way Howard Berger has claimed…well, I’ll have plenty to say about this on the Puck Podcast this week. In the meantime, I’d love to hear your comments.

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  1. Common sense. That’s all that’s required to figure what started this whole thing. Avery is Avery, everyone knows his game. You stressed that these are just “allegations” Doug, which is true. But given the muzzle that Campbell has apparently slapped on Avery and Tucker, and the “unspoken code of conduct” on the ice (namely that what happens on the ice stays on the ice) I figure nothing more will come of this. But common sense would dictate that Avery was up to his usual classless antics.

    I can’t wait to see Avery on the ice, face down and bleeding. Just kidding. Kinda.

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