2009 Puck Podcast Playoff Preview – Part One

This is part one of the 2009 Puck Podcast Playoff Preview in which Eddie and Doug breakdown the first round Eastern Conference playoff match-ups and give their predictions for which teams will advance to the second round. Be sure to check out part one which has a complete preview and predictions of the first round match-ups in the Western Conference.

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  1. Playoff Predictions!

    Eastern Con:

    Boston in 5, Washington in 6 (despite Theodore being elected the Secretary Of Suck), Carolina in 7 (not too comfortable there) and Pitt in 6.

    Western Con:

    SJ in 6, Det in 6 (dammit…), Van in 7 ( again with the uncomfortable-ness) and Chi in 5.

    Con Finals will be Bos over Pitt in 6 (which would mean a Sid- Ovechkin-San matchup in round two going to the Kid) and SJ over Det in 7. All home winners in re West final with an AMAZING game 7 in Jose, which is what they played for all season. And SJ over Bos in 6; finally fufulling their promise…

    First game in Chicago will be a Hawks BLOW OUT. Price, Biron, Kipper and Steve Mason will have bad series. Marleau will be huge, but Nabby takes the Smythe. Thomas will have a great Conference playoff, but not play great in the final. And Roenick will hold on to the Cup for an uncomfortably long time!

    Or, you know, something completely different will happen!

  2. Kris,
    Thanks for your predictions. EVERYONE ELSE, get yours in ASAP. If you have a good call we’ll give you props on the show.

  3. Capitals in 4 (oops)
    Bruins, Ducks and Wings in 5
    Penguins, Hawks in 6
    Hurricanes, Blues in 7

  4. Just leaving my textual bracket here, if you don’t mind (Devils fan, to clarify my bias).

    EC Quarterfinals and Semis

    Devils in 5, Penguins in 5 or 6, Capitals in 7, Canadiens with a 7 game upset special (irrational pick, of course).

    My last two are highly tentative. First, Washington’s sloppy team defense did not impress me last spring, nor does it now. Combined with Théodore (Mr. Undefeated in the First Round got pulled thrice against the Red Wings last spring), a Rangers upset would not be surprising. The Habs need the following, aside from historical dominance: Kovalev to remain a strong postseason performer (likely), Markov to play effectively (iffy), and Halak/Price to become Théodore c. 2002 (very questionable), let alone Roy or Dryden.

    Most likely, I’ll end up redoing my predictions. Should the above occur: New Jersey over Pittsburgh in 7; Washington over Montreal in 6.

    WC Quarters and Semis

    Sharks in 6, Canucks in 5, Blackhawks in 5; Blue Jackets in 7 over the Red Wings in my second upset – if Osgood does not make timely saves or Mason plays like Giguère from 2003.

    Next round: San Jose in 5 over Columbus; Vancouver in 6 against Chicago

    Conference Finals

    I take New Jersey in 6 over Washington; as a Devils fan, this matchup could echo the 2003 ECF between NJ and Ottawa (Superficially, wily veterans versus abundant skill).

    In the West, the Orcas defeat the Sharks in 7. The Roberto Luongo-Evgeni Nabokov duel should make for a tense series, tempering the production of each teams’ offensive abilities.

    Stanley Cup Finals

    New Jersey and Vancouver, with the Devils in 7 – or should it be the Canucks? Milquetoast as it may be, I think these teams mirror each other, right down to versatile (if unspectacular) defensemen and a franchise goaltender from Montreal. Conn Smythe candidates: Brodeur, Luongo, Willie Mitchell, and Zach Parise.

  5. They need to put some stipulation in in regards to major infractions in the last couple of minutes. If a team is down by 3 it is almost a good gameplan to go on a rampage. Don’t get me wrong I like physical play but not but the boarding hit on Staal was just dangerous.

    Maybe have a misconduct roll over into the next game. I am sure that a team wouldn’t want to start the first 8 minutes of a game on the PK.

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  7. Well it looks like the Devils are off to a very good start. Dominating offensive skill and smothering defence along with the best rebound controlling goaltender. Hopefully the Devils keep it up because Carolina is very dangerous. If Devils play like they did in Game 1 they will be representing the East.

  8. Good, I am glad to see that the NHL took action on the Flyers. I do think that Carcillo was the wrong player to use to communicate this message.

  9. Personally, I have Boston and Vancouver meeting in the cup finals. I’m not ready to pick a winner between them yet though…

    This is what I’ve predicted for the first round. Some of these are already looking inaccurate, but it’s not fair to change them now.

    Bos in 5
    Wsh in 6
    Car in 5
    Pit in 7
    SJ in 6
    Det in 6
    Van in 6
    Cgy in 7

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