Puck Podcast Free Agency Preview Special

In this special Free Agency Preview edition of the Puck Podcast, Eddie & Doug are joined by Puck Podcast capologist Adam Luker bring you nearly two full hours of information that will get you ready for the start of free agency as they break down where they think Ilya Kovalchuk will end up and take a look at what each NHL team needs to do this summer to get their roster ready for the 2010-2011 season.

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  1. Excellent special on the upcoming free agency, the analysis on every team was great! Haven’t been able to listen to you guys in some time so this was a particularly good episode to get back into the PP fold, thanks as always guys.

  2. In the past two weeks, between talking with others about hockey, listening to some people out and about the Draft and listening to the ‘Cast, I have heard alot about Michael Cammalleri and how both the Kings and the Flames were stupid for trading him and/or letting him go. When Cammalleri was in LA, he made no secret of his desire to play in Eastern Canada. He never wanted to play in LA and he never wanted to play in Calgary. If you had offered him a 5 year contract worth $200 million, he WAS NOT STAYING. Lombardi dumped Camm at the draft for a high pick because he was NEVER going to sign Camm. If anything, Calgary was stupid for taking him in his walk year w/o doing the research that Camm believed his entire career up to that point was a way to get to Toronto or Montreal. That was his final destination come hell, high water or insane contracts. Stop blaming either team for “letting him go.” He was going anyway, no matter what.

  3. As an Avs fan I thought I’d just throw out my comments on what I think the Avalanche organization will be doing this coming year. I too think they are going to do things right in the rebuild and they aren’t going to be doing much if anything in free agency. I also think NTCs are horrible in general, though Foote and Hejduk are never going anywhere and both will finish their careers in Colorado. (I could be wrong about the Duke but I would be seriously, seriously shocked.)

    I think they’ll fight again for the 8th spot this year as they continue to build. I think you’ll also see Anderson given more rest and defensive prospect or two get some time. Anderson probably won’t see an extension until after this season at which time the organization will re-sign him, and I would be surprised to see them give him an extension before the season though I think he’ll have another year like this past one.

    Great show guys and thanks for keeping it going through the summer. Your work and time on the show is appreciated.

  4. I concur with Steve in that the Av’s will most likely be silent in free agency this year (they’ve done zilch so far). Sherman seems dedicated to the rebuild, and I definitely respect him for that.

    However, I disagree with Steve about Anderson & the Av’s making the playoffs. I’m not sold on Anderson being a number 1, a LOT of goalies have had one good season then degenerate. I think other teams won’t be surprised by the Av’s this coming season and the Av’s are undersized upfront (evidenced by the series against San Jose), so teams will be taking advantage of that. I see us finishing about 11th or 12th.

    As far as Kovalchuk, he has to lower his price & contract length if he’s insistent on staying in the NHL, most GM’s are going to be very leery to give that much money for that long to one player. I think he’ll end up going to the KHL.

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